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Esaote MyLab™X7 VET Ultrasound

Esaote MyLab™X7 VET Ultrasound
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Advanced clinical tools

MyLab™X7 demonstrates extended configuration features, which help the physician perform as well as possible during advanced procedures. It incorporates innovative and advanced features, including CPI, High Sensitive microV, XStrain4D, XSTIC that now enable clinicians to confidently use ultrasound in all kinds of examinations.


  • XView+: The new high-performance real-time algorithm for speckle reduction. Clear and detailed imaging for better diagnostics; also works in post processing – the final touch for optimal imaging quality.
  • CPI: CPI is a combination of low/high frequency modulation. Get confident diagnostics for every patient with optimal resolution and better penetration.
  • Needle visibility: Enhanced and clear visualization of the needle during intervention procedures.
  • microV: Hemodynamic evaluation with high sensitivity and high spatial resolution for lesion vascularization characterization in all clinical applications, rapid and non-invasive.
  • Q-Pack: Q-Pack is the new multi-modality quantification tool for curve analysis of Contrast Perfusion (Wi/Wo), available in Color, Power Doppler, and CnTI™.
  • ElaXto: ElaXto is a non-invasive method that supports the physician in assessing tissue elasticity. The differences in tissue responses are detected and visualized in real time.
  • Stress echo: Complete Stress echo package with flexible and customizable protocols for imaging acquisition and review, also available with LVO.
  • CnTI™ Contrast Tuned Imaging: High sensitivity, deep penetration, and high resolution are common characteristics of CnTI™ Contrast Enhanced Imaging technology for improved diagnostic performance.
  • XLight: Advanced algorithm to improve volumetric rendering quality.
  • XSTIC: Fetal XSTIC reconstruction software dedicated to the B-Mode volumetric reconstruction and the color/power of fetal cardiac cavities.
  • AutoNT: Automatic measurement of Nuchal Translucency (NT).
  • AutoEF: Automatic measurement of the Ejection Fraction (fully automated).
  • QIMT: Automated real-time detection of Intima Media Thickness, including standard deviation and reliability index, based on RF signal analysis.
  • QAS: RF data technology makes it possible to measure carotid wall stiffness automatically and accurately, and automatically calculate the PWV, CC, AI, α, β indexes.
  • XStrain™: Global strain bullseye (17 segments) as a result of the 3 apical GLS outcomes. Same strain palette as XStrain4D.
  • XStrain4D: XStrain4D is speckle tracking technology which provides a volumetric model of the heart’s function and a bullseye report.