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Esaote MyLab™X5 VET Ultrasound

Esaote MyLab™X5 VET Ultrasound
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Advanced clinical tools

The MyLab™X5 functions as a complete system for ultrasound cardiovascular examination, and features customizable measurements and reporting. It covers any clinical need: from abdominal to endocrinology and women’s health applications; to diagnosis, therapy, and finally follow-up.

  • Stress echo: Complete Stress Echo package with flexible and customizable protocols for imaging acquisition and review.
  • Needle visibility: A clear and enhanced image of the target area during intervention procedures. The technology enables users to see the target structures and needle tip in order to automate the entire procedure.
  • AutoNT: Automatic measurement of the Nuchal Translucency (NT).
  • AutoEF: Automatic measurement of the EF fraction (entirely automated)
  • QIMT: Automated real-time detection of Intima Media Thickness, including standard deviation and reliability index, based on RF signal analysis.
  • XStrain™: Global strain bullseye (17-segments) as result of the 3 apical GLS outcomes.