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Halogen Wall lamps

Halogen Wall lamps
Model: VML107
This examination lamp is extensively applied in industry, medical treatment, jewelry, photography, scientific research etc. It is currently a more advanced lighting device at home and internationally.llluminance:20000 lux 0.5m / 5000 lux 1mPower:20 WSpot diameter:80 - 120 mmPower supply voltage:..
130,623 Ft
Ex Tax:102,853 Ft
Model: VML109
This surgical light adopts light sources from different positions for focus, providing illumination for surgical operations and medical examination, and reducing shadows produced by medical workers. Illumination can be adjusted according to practical requirements. The lamp is fit for lighting for su..
567,087 Ft
Ex Tax:446,525 Ft
Model: VML108
This cold-light single hole deep lamp features a simple structure, easy usage, good appearance and practicability, as well as distinctive performance for deep illumination. More applicable to relatively low-ceiling rooms.llluminance:40000 luxPower:50 WSpot diameter:150 mmPower supply voltage:~ 2..
509,741 Ft
Ex Tax:401,371 Ft
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