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Infusion pumps and accessories

Infusion pumps and accessories
Model: FW2-VET
Functioning as a blood warmer and fluid warmer for veterinary use at the same time, FW2-VET remains compact and has flexible ways to install. Double groove design makes it capable of heating two tubes synchronously...
88,265 Ft
Ex Tax:69,500 Ft
Model: VML470
Specifications: Flow rate range: 0.1~1200 ml/h Infusion mode: rate mode,drip mode ( ml/h and drops/min can be switched) Volume to be infused (VTBI): 0 ~ 9999 ml Volume Infused (∑): 0 ~36000 ml Infusion accuracy: ±5% KVO rate: 1 ~ 5 ml/h Bolus rate: 300~600 ml/h..
317,500 Ft
Ex Tax:250,000 Ft
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