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Model: VML592
1 pcs c0010 Otoscope (0°,Ф2.7x107.5mm) 1 pcs c0012 Otoscope (30°,Ф2.7x107.5mm) 1 pcs Portable LED Light Source 5W (With 2pcs lithim battery and charger) 1 pcs c1001 Otoscopic sheath (with 2mm channel) 1 pcs a1202 Operation sheath(13.5FRX 70mm) (with 2mm channel and 2 stopcocks) ..
Model: VML479
hemoglobin enhancement (HbE) USB connectivity save high definition HD images LED lighting 19" monitor + mobile stand easy to useOptional heads: VET-8028 - 1500/8/2,8 mm VET-6010 - 1000/6/2,2 mm VET-3512 - 600/3,5/1,2 mm..
Model: VML591
Otoscope with integrated sheath (2 stopcoks and 2mm channel0°, Ф5x85mm /  Ф5x90mm j2900) a2201 Biopsy forcep (5FrX260mm OR 230MM) a2203 Foreign body forcep (5FrX260mm OR 230MM) Portable LED Light Source 5W (2pcs lithim battery and charger)..
Model: VML586
1 pcs c0012  30°,Ф2.7x107.5mm 1 pcs a1202 operation sheath 1 pcs a2201 biopsy forceps..
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