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Vet-Med-Instrument online store General Terms of Service Service Provider: Name of company: Műszercentrum Kft Company seat: Madarász Viktor u. 43., Budapest 1138, Hungary Phone: +36 30/775-2943 Email address: Trade registration number: 01-09-994682 Tax identification number: 24187691-2-41 Bank account number: HU20 – 11713177- 20002925 - 00000000 Represented by: Ildikó Pálos Customer: The party that uses the services of the online store. Deliverer: Courier service company contracted by the Service Provider. Name of company: DHL Express Magyarország Szállítmányozó és Szolgáltató Kft. Company seat: Fehérakác u. 3., Budapest 1097, Hungary Phone: +36 40/454-545 Email address: Scope of products and services Owing to the characteristics of the data network (Internet), the data network interface provided by the Service Provider is accessible both from Hungary and from abroad. We are constantly trying to shape our widening range of products to enable colleagues working both with smaller and larger animals to find the diagnostic equipment that is indispensable to their jobs. Among our ultrasonic devices there are palmtop systems necessary for the examination of livestock, as well as light and portable, or Color Doppler systems of very high standard. Together with our X-ray machines we also distribute digital sensors, protecting equipment and automatic developing machines. Using the online store Acceptance of the General Terms of Service by the Customer is the precondition for using the online store. Using the services provided by the Service Provider, i.e. ordering or purchasing a product or service, is qualified as the acceptance of the General Terms of Service. The Service Provider reserves the right to partially or fully amend the General Terms of Service at any time. The General Terms of Service and the respective amendments come into force at the time of their publication. If you require more information about a product, click on its picture or its name. The pictures shown on the product page might differ from the actual product, and at times these images serve as illustrations only. Our company shall not be held responsible for unannounced amendments of the technical user’s guides made by, or happening outside of the scope of influence of, the supplier. Prices indicated in the online store show the net and gross prices of the products, together with the indication of the amount of VAT. Method of purchase 1. Place the product that you wish to purchase into the “Basket”. 2. If you wish to place more items into the “Basket”, choose the “Continue shopping” option. If you do not wish to purchase more products, please check the quantity of the items in your “Basket”. The contents of the “Basket” can be deleted by clicking on the “Empty basket” button. The contents of the “Basket” are automatically refreshed after entering the quantity of the products; if the contents, however, are not refreshed, please click on the “Refresh basket” button. 3. Choose the method of payment and delivery. 4. Confirm your order. 5. Enter the data for the delivery and the invoice. If you have not already signed in, the registration process might be initiated at this point. 6. Click on the “Place order” button to submit your order. 7. An email confirmation will be sent to your account. It is important to check the data entered, as this information will be used for billing and for the delivery of the product. The registration process has to be completed only once; in case of future orders, these steps do not have to be repeated: you can sing in using your user name and password. Registration Accessing certain parts of the website and using certain functions necessitate the user’s registration. The primary aim of the registration is to facilitate using the website and making purchases in the store. By registering, the Customer accepts the General Terms of Service. Data provided at the registration are managed confidentially. The contract comes into force by placing an order in the Service Provider’s online store and by accepting the General Terms of Service. The contract is qualified as a written contract, which is filed and stored by the Service Provider. The language of the contract is Hungarian. Completing the registration, providing the data necessary for billing and delivery, as well as entering the Customer’s contact information are preconditions for placing an order in the online store. The order is placed when the Customer confirms it in its final form. If the truthfulness of the data provided by the Customer is questionable, or the data is unintelligible, the Service Provider reserves the right to delete the data and cancel the order. After the confirmation of the order, the order cannot be cancelled electronically. The order can be cancelled via the email address or phone number available at the contacts menu of the online store. Cancelling the order is possible only prior to the product being transferred to the postal service / courier service company for delivery. Conditions of payment and delivery Prices indicated in the online store show the net and gross prices of the products, together with the indication of the amount of VAT. Delivery by a courier service company Courier service company contracted by the Service Provider. Name of company: DHL Express Magyarország Szállítmányozó és Szolgáltató Kft. Company seat: Fehérakác u. 3., Budapest 1097, Hungary Phone: +36 40/454-545 Email address: The Customer performs the payment of the order in cash when receiving the order from the deliverer. The invoice to be found inside the package includes the delivery cost, too. The deliverer will provide a receipt of the cash payment. Partial delivery is not made possible by the Service Provider, and the deliverer cannot accept a partial payment. The Customer can receive all the items of the order together, or reject the whole order. Please check the contents of the package in the presence of the deliverer, and in case of damaged products, ask for a written record to be drawn up, and do not take the order from the deliverer. The delivery of orders is carried out on weekdays, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The courier service company attempts to deliver the package twice; the Customer will be charged the delivery cost of unclaimed packages. The delivery cost varies depending on the product ordered, on the delivery address and the method of delivery, but it is at all times displayed in the order processing application of the online store before finalizing the order. Certain products, owing to their size and/or price, cannot be delivered by the courier service company. Such products are available only for personal pickup at the following address: Stefánia út 61., Budapest 1143, Hungary. Personal pickup (free of charge): at Stefánia út 61., Budapest 1143, Hungary, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Payment is made by bank transfer prior to the personal pickup. Payment methods Bank transfer in advance: In case of bank transfers, please transfer the total amount of your order (and the cost of delivery) to the following bank account: Name of company: Műszercentrum Kft Tax registration number: 24187691-2-41 Bank account number: HU20 – 11713177- 20002925 – 00000000 Payment by credit card: Credit card acceptance is provided by OTP Bank Nyrt., with its safe service using the SSL protocol. Crddit card payments are redirected to the site of OTP Bank, therefore payment is made not in the webstore, but directly on the site managed by the Bank, whicj is operated according to the rules and security regulations of international credit card companies. The online store has no access to the data of the credit card and the of the corresponding bank account (number, expiry date). Please prepare your credit card for payment. For the payment to be made, you will need the following data: • Card number (13-19 digits, printed or embossed on the front side of the card) • Expiry date (in format MM/YY, printed or embossed on the front side of the card) • Authentication code (the last three digits of the number printed on the back side of the card, in the signature field (CVV2 or CVC2); if your card does not have such a code, please leave the corresponding field empty on the payment page) Our webstore accepts the following cards: • MasterCard (embossed) • Visa (embossed) • American Express (embossed) • Electron (unembossed). In the case of these cards, the card issuing bank defines if the card can be used for Internet payments. If your card issuing bank authorizes Internet payments, you can of course use this card in the online store. For further information, please contact your bank. Cards issued by OTP Bank will be accepted. • Maestro. The payment site of OTP Bank makes it possible to use Maestro cards issued by any bank. The precondition of acceptance is that your card issuing bank support the use of Maestro cards for e-commerce transactions. For further details, please consult your bank. To further increase the security of Internet payments, OTP Bank introduced its Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure Code (VbV/MSC) service. This means that the card issuing bank provides the card owner with an additional authentication possibility, which is checked during the payment process to unambiguously identify the person using the card. If the VbV/MSC service is not available at your bank, or if you did not request this service, the payment process will not be altered. The online store will redirect you to the OTP site for you to enter the details of the card (number, expiry date and authentication code), and payment for the goods/services purchased will be made. If your bank does offer a VbV/MSC service which you use, the process of the transaction will be altered. You will need to enter your card details (number, expiry date and authentication code) at the OTP payment site, but after this step, you will automatically be directed to the relevant page of your card issuing bank for you to carry out the identification process. After a successful identification, the transaction will be carried out, you will be notified of its success, and then redirected to the online store. If you are unable to perform the identification process, the transaction will be closed unsuccessfully. Intellectual property The website and all its content belongs exclusively to the Service Provider. Any infringement of the intellectual property of the Service Provider will result in legal action against the violator. Limitations of liability The online store has an appropriate security level and its use is not dangerous, however, it is advised to use antivirus and spyware softwares with up-to-date databases, and to install the security updates of your operating system. The Service Provider shall not be held responsible for the continuous, fail-safe operation of the website and its virus-free and malware-free operation. The Service Provider shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by accessing the website. The Customer takes full responsibility for the protection of their computer and the data stored on the computer. The Services Provider shall not be held responsible for the loss of data transmitted via the Internet while using of the website. The descriptions and images displayed on the website only serve the function of providing information. The Service Provider makes every effort to provide truthful data, and shall not be held responsible for accidental mistakes. The Service Provider shall not be held responsible for obtaining permits required by laws and regulations of foreign countries in the case of transferring and operating products purchased in the online store outside Hungary. It is the responsibility of the Customer to obtain information about foreign country regulations concerning the products prior to using them outside the Hungary, and, if necessary, to obtain the required permits. The Service Provider shall not be held responsible for delays in delivery, and other problems and mistakes originating from the Customer entering erroneous and/or inaccurate data. The Service Provider shall not be held responsible for damages caused by the Customer forgetting their password, or by the password becoming accessible to unauthorized persons for reasons outside the scope of influence of the Service Provider. Warranty In case of faulty products, i.e. if the error already existed at the time of delivering the product, the Customer might file a warranty claim in the presence of the invoice, within two years of receiving the product. Guarantee The guarantee period of certain durable goods is one year. Right of withdrawal from the purchase The Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase without giving a reason within eight working days of accepting the delivery by sending this claim in writing to the Service Provider with an indication of the product and the identification number of the order. The product and the invoice must be returned to the Service Provider in their original, undamaged state. Withdrawing from the purchase does not entail any additional costs for the Customer, however, the Customer must arrange for the return of the product, and the Customer is responsible for all costs arising in connection with the return. The Service Provider is not able to accept packages sent COD. The Service Provider must refund the total amount paid by the Customer as soon as possible, but within thirty days the latest. The Service Provider has the right to claim the refund of any damages caused by the improper use of the product. Privacy policy Certain services of the online store are fully accessible only after providing the Customer’s personal data. During the registration process, the Service Provider records the following personal data necessary for placing orders and making purchases: - name/name of company - delivery address - billing address - email address - phone number - tax registration number The Service Provider stores the data provided by the Customer with a specific purpose, exclusively for the fulfilment of the contract and as proof of the conditions of the contract. Your data provided during the use of the website are handled condifentially and they will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of data required by contractors which are indispensable for processing the order, e.g. information given to the courier service company for the delivery. The Service Provider handles the Customer’s data exclusively based on the Customer’s explicit permission. The Customer gives permission for their data to be handled by voluntarily providing the data during the registration process. The Service Provider will handle the Customer’s data in accordance with the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information. The Customer can at any time change or request the deletion of their personal data at or by phone: +36 30/755-2943. Technical information is recorded while using the online store (e.g. in the form of log files, which contain the Customer’s IP address, the date and time of visit, the URL of the visited page), which serves only statistical reasons and is not suitable for personal identification. The system stores data on your computer in the form of cookies, which are not suitable for identifying the user, and are only valid during the given session. The Service Provider’s data management registration number in connection with the website: (authorisation in progress). Applicable regulations The Service Provider and the Customer undertake to do their utmost in order to amicably settle any disputes. In the absence of an amicable solution, the Service Provider and the Customer agree that all disputes shall be exclusively decided by the court operating in the area of the company seat of the Service Provider. For anything not expressly provided for in the General Terms of Service, reference without any other specific conditions shall be made to the effective laws and regulations of Hungary, and to the regulations in the Civil Code of Hungary.

I acknowledge the following personal data stored in the user account of Műszercentrum Kft. (Madarász Viktor u. 43., Budapest 1138, Hungary) in the user database of will be handed over to OTP Mobil Ltd. and is trustedas data processor. The datatransferred by the data controller are the following:[data transmitted by the trader]The nature and purpose of the data processing activity performed by the dataprocessor in theSimplePay PrivacyPolicy can be found at the following link: