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Esaote MyLab™Sigma

Esaote MyLab™Sigma
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MyLab™Sigma covers all clinical needs, from abdominal to point-of-care applications including special features and technologies such as Full screen, VPan, Needle Visibility and MyLibrary.

  • MSK imaging of the shoulder
  • Kidney perfusion with high sensitivity Color Doppler mode.
  • Thyroid lesion, imaging 2D with Color Doppler.
  • High Frequency Imaging B-mode of Intestine.

MyLab™Sigma: Women's Health STRAIGHTAWAY

  • From Obstetric to Gynecology application, MyLab™Sigma delivers extraordinary imaging including 3D-4D imaging (convex and endovaginal), AutoNT and full report / graphics.
  • Fetal Willis circle with Power Doppler.
  • Umbelical cord PW Doppler mode
  • Semi transparent rendering of fetal spine.

MyLab™Sigma: Cardio Vascular STRAIGHTAWAY

  • MyLab™Sigma offers cardiac and vascular configurations with extreme added value including Zero-click AutoEF, Anatomical M-mode, Stress Echo analysis, QIMT technologies and dedicated reporting.
  • Mitral valve posterior leaflet analysis with Tissue Velocity Mapping.
  • CW Doppler of Tricuspid regurgitation.
  • High definition B-mode cardiac imaging.
  • Left Ventricle XStrain 2D analysis.
  • Mid cerebral artery investigation with PW Doppler mode.