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Esaote MyLab™Omega

Esaote MyLab™Omega
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MyLab™Omega: Ultrasound Pillars


  • Speckle artefacts reduction is a very important function. Users must feel confident about the type of imaging they can acquire with an ultrasound system. For this reason the new XView+ speckle-reduction adaptive technology also features a balance setting function which operators can use to adjust the algorithm’s behavior to their preference.


  • Difficult-to-scan patients are quite common in today’s echo labs. Esaote’s CPI technology helps in addressing these challenges, allowing sonographers to obtaindetailed images even with obese patients and in deeper scanning areas.


  • Different technologies are nowadays regularly used by clinicians for pathology characterization and diagnosis in all clinical applications. Covering a very large variety of potential uses, Color Doppler represents the pillar for detecting both high-velocity flows, such as in heart cavities or in big arteries, and low-velocity flows, such as in small and micro vessels (with or without Doppler enhancement contrast media).

MyLab™Omega: General Imaging STRAIGHTAWAY
Esaote’s new MyLab™Omega covers all clinical needs, from abdominal to point-of-care applications, to establish a diagnosis and provide the best possible therapy and follow-up.

  • Needle Visibility: Enhanced and clear visualization of the needle during intervention procedure.

  • ElaXto: ElaXto is a non-invasive method that supports the physician in assessing tissue elasticity.

  • CNTI™: Contrast Enhanced Imaging technology for improved diagnostic performance.

  • microV: High sensitivity and spatial resolution hemodynamic evaluation for lesion vascularization and characterization.

  • Q-Pack: Multi-modality quantification tool for curve analysis of Contrast Perfusion (Wi/Wo).

  • Very High Frequency 22Mhz: Extreme high quality Imaging and Color Doppler on very very superficial applications.


MyLab™Omega: Women's Health STRAIGHTAWAY
From Obstetric to Gynecology application, MyLab™Omega delivers basic and advanced technologies to support clinicians in their daily work.

  • XLight: Advanced algorithm to improve volumetric rendering quality.

  • Gynecology 3D: Superb 2D imaging and perfect 3D reconstrution rendering.

  • Fetal Heart: High resolution imaging able to visualize any specific details.

  • Color and Doppler High Sensitivity: Triplex mode on umbilical cord.


MyLab™Omega: Cardio Vascular STRAIGHTAWAY
MyLab™OMEGA is equipped with comprehensive cardiac and vascular configurations. It is a complete system for any cardiovascular ultrasound exam featuring customizable measurements and reporting.

  • High Sensitivity Spectral Doppler: Moderate Tricuspic Valve Regurgitation - CW Doppler signal.

  • AutoEF: “Zero-Click” automatic endocardial border detection speeds up EF measure and simplifies daily routine.

  • Stress Echo: Complete Stress echo package with flexible and customizable protocols.

  • QIMT: Automated real-time detection of Intima Media Thickness based on RF signal analysis.

  • XStrain™: Global strain bullseye (17 segments) as a result of the 3 apical GLS outcomes.